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For the anon. These are my plant babies. They homemade terrariums with different succulents inside. I’ve had them for half a year now


I inhale oxygen but I exhale musical theatre

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One Day I Will Own This Dress →

In other news, I am apparently a size 10 in UK sizings

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RIP Alex. Mainstream Media is to busy caring about how Miley’s hair looks like today or what Jennifer Lawrence ate for lunch to care about this so i though id put this out there. Heaven got another angel RIP

oh no, I didn’t want her to be found like this

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Omigod why did I come tonight. Literally everyone I didn’t want to see is here

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So these are key slides in the Lolita power point my old English Professor asked me to put together as an introduction to their Lolita section. I tried to make it funny, but I’m not a funny person sooooo……

This is the one post that I desperately want to get to 1000

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