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lxlitas asked: why do you love lolita so much/opinion about it.


Hey there!

So Dolores is the first and only character where I’m like “this is me” and all the descriptions of her, the beautiful descriptions of her, make me feel good about myself. When I read it when I was 16 it had this great affect of me claiming my own sexuality. And now every time I read it, I find some new reflection or allusion to society that is great to set up and explore.

I love academic essays

For the anon. These are my plant babies. They homemade terrariums with different succulents inside. I’ve had them for half a year now


I inhale oxygen but I exhale musical theatre

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One Day I Will Own This Dress →

In other news, I am apparently a size 10 in UK sizings

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RIP Alex. Mainstream Media is to busy caring about how Miley’s hair looks like today or what Jennifer Lawrence ate for lunch to care about this so i though id put this out there. Heaven got another angel RIP

oh no, I didn’t want her to be found like this

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Omigod why did I come tonight. Literally everyone I didn’t want to see is here

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So these are key slides in the Lolita power point my old English Professor asked me to put together as an introduction to their Lolita section. I tried to make it funny, but I’m not a funny person sooooo……

This is the one post that I desperately want to get to 1000

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